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      A very fine thing, Dick. Miss Serena smiled gently. Now you had better go and lie down, and Ill have the maid bring up some hot cocoa and something for you to eat.

      There fell a moment's pause. And it was broken by the sound of clashing as of many cymbals, the clatter of hoofs, the rattle of bouncing wheels, and around the corner of the line there came tearing a wagon loaded with milk tins. A wild-eyed man, hatless, with his hair on end, lashed his ponies furiously and drew up all of a heap, in front of the commanding officer's quarters."I didn't. None of your business," she defied him.

      LONDON BRIDGE IN 1760.

      Then he means to get away with JeffCHAPTER XXXII A DOUBLE PURSUIT

      "And after that?"The life preserver was jerked away by the jar when the parachute arrested the fall sharply, making it impossible for a handgrip to retain the rope of the swiftly plunging white circle.

      An arm of mist, swinging far over the land, intervened between their vision and the shore line.

      Or, again, we may say that two principles,the Nominalistic as well as the Realistic,are here at work. By virtue of the one, Spinoza makes Being something beyond and above the facts of experience. By virtue of the other he reinvests it with concrete reality, but a reality altogether transcending our powers of imagination. Very much, also, that Plotinus says about his One might be applied to Spinozas Substance, but with a new and positive meaning. The First Cause is above existence, but only existence as restricted within the very narrow limits of our experience, and only as infinite reality transcends the parts which it includes.


      But she knew them, objected Dick. She wouldnt throw over the wrong ones and she couldnt get the right ones.


      We willbut come onJeffs making for the amphibianlets